Raising Financial Freedom


The Story Behind Raising Financial Freedom

One day, while listening to a podcast about real estate, Eric had a light bulb moment. He realized that there were so many parents out there just like him, who were struggling or scared to navigate their way with teaching financial independence to their children. He turned to turned to a colleague, “What if I started my own podcast to help other parents on their journey to raising financially free children?”

So Raising Financial Freedom the podcast was started and then Nurturing Finance learning center was created later on. These two platforms are there to guide parents to teach their children to be better than them financially. No matter what level you are at financially starting will be the hardest part. So start now!

Host Thoughts

A large number of us grew up without financial literacy. Now we have children, and the same thing is repeating. Well, it’s time to stop that and break this chain. As parents, we are the first and last teachers they see before bed. We owe it to them and the future generations of our families to teach them better.
Currently, some states provide one class in economics and one in personal finance. There needs to be more, with big business marketing, social media teaching, and friends showing your child how to use their money daily. We are on the losing side of this battle. We need to give our children a
Fin-lit Reflex so that good financial habits are the norm no matter what.

Eric Yard

What People Say

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