Raising Financial Freedom
Eric Yard

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A Podcast for Parents

Talking about money is hard, and parenting is harder. At Raising Financial Freedom, we offer practical, loving, and direct advice for parents who want to instill the importance of building a strong financial future in their children.

From managing money to learning to save, difficult questions about credit cards to exploring investments, and everything in between – Raising Financial Freedom helps take the stigma out of talking about money and helps provide clear guidance for parents and guardians who want to raise their children to be financially healthy and free from burden

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Hosted by the experienced Certified Financial Education Instructor℠, Eric Yard, Raising Financial Freedom is a podcast that delivers fascinating interviews, in-depth conversations, simple exercises, and helpful suggestions. Eric’s expertise and commitment to financial education make every episode a valuable resource for parents. Whether it’s addressing taboo money matters or teaching your child the skills to manage their money, Raising Financial Freedom provides the need-to-know info and valuable insights that will have you reaching for a pen and paper.

Eric Yard